A Culinary Journal: Who Invented Macarons?

Ladurée Macaroons

Prajiturile macaron, pe care le cunoastem astazi sunt putin diferite de prajitura macaron italiana, initiala, care era o prajitura cu bezea de migdale, crocanta la exterior si moale la interior. Prajitura macaron italiana a fost adusa in Franta in anul 1533, când patiserul Caterinei de Medici, le prepara si le vindea in timpul Revolutiei Franceze. Prajiturile macaron franceze, light si crisp, care se topesc in gura, au fost inventate in secolul XX, de catre patiserul Pierre Desfontaines Laduree, care s-a gandit sa alature doua prajituri macaron si sa le umple cu crema ganache.

Astazi, prajiturele macaron se gasesc in tot felul de culori si arome, cum ar fi zmeura, fistic, castan, tei, busuioc, trandafir si ciocolata alba – optiunile de aroma sunt nelimitate.

The macaron that we know today is a little different from the original Italian macaron, which was an almond meringue cookie, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. The Italian macaron came to France in 1533, when the pastry chefs of Catherine de Medici their keep during the French Revolution by baking and selling macarons. French macarons, light and crisp cookies that melt in your mouth, were invented in the twentieth century by Pierre Desfontaines Ladurée, who thought to join two meringue macarons and fill them with ganache. Today, macarons come in all kinds of colors and flavors, such as raspberry, pistachio, chestnut, basil lime, and rose and white chocolate — the flavor options are limitless.


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